About Me

I am in the class of 2020 at Tufts University studying computer science and mathematics.

I'm a self taught photographer with special interests in photo manipulation and computational photography. The goal of my work is to extract the surreal from the real by combining snapshots of the real world to depict the absurd.

This site is the intersection of my two worlds. Explore, engage, and create, just be sure to share whatever you make! Feel free to contact me for prints, commercial licensing, commissions, or anything else.


My Development Projects

Solar System is a website all about the planets of our solar system. Learn more about the eight planets and explore a 3D simulation of their movement through space.

Visualizer is a music visualizer built on the Three.js WebGL framework. Upload your own MP3 file to visualize it.

Password Manager Autofill Sniffer is an experiment for my computer system security course. I made a mock chrome extension which actually sniffs autofilled credentials from password managers. Includes both the extension and a test page. Obviously for demonstration purposes only.


My Photography Work